The sky’s the limit when it comes to leasing

More and more entrepreneurs now prefer to lease cars and machinery instead of buying them. However, many people are unaware that almost all business equipment purchases can be leased.

Toni Suontakanen, a sales manager who leases machinery and equipment for a living, has been busy in recent years. Businesses have become more interested in leasing, and this is reflected in an increasing number of inquiries.

“The list of equipment we have leased is long: cars, vans, vacuum trucks, excavators, wood chippers. In addition, we have leased security equipment for real estate, smart locking systems for hotels, charging points for electric cars, but also soft machines, equipment for large kitchens, beauty salons, office furniture, screens, etc.,” Suontakanen says.

People tend to think of leasing only as a financing tool for cars, but according to Suontakasen, anything with a serial number can be leased.

“Perhaps the most exotic leasing request has been for an aerobatic plane,” he recalls.

Leasing becomes more common throughout Finland

The increase in leasing inquiries is due to the many advantages of this form of financing.

“A fixed lease makes purchases predictable and easy to budget for. Another advantage of leasing is that the purchases do not appear on the balance sheet. It also improves the company’s cash flow, as less money is spent on leasing than on purchasing. The money saved can be used to ensure the company’s growth,” says Suontakanen.

According to Suontakasen, the growing popularity of leasing finance is a significant development in Finland, especially as two phenomena have stood in the way of growth: a long tradition of ownership and a lack of understandable information.

“Traditionally, entrepreneurs have wanted to own their own equipment, but this is changing dramatically. Growth-oriented and young entrepreneurs, in particular, are now realizing that it pays to channel money into developing their core business rather than buying.”

And as for the lack of information, Suontakanen, together with the rest of the OLF team, is trying to banish it.

“It’s a bit of a two-way street. There’s a lot of information on the internet about leasing finance, but often the entrepreneur wants to know the basic practical facts. Our job is to give concrete information through calculations and experience.”

What would Toni Suontakainen like to say to an entrepreneur considering a new acquisition?

“It’s always worth asking! We can answer all your financial questions and do the calculations. Together, we can work out the best option for you and your business.”

The ABC of the leasing process

  1. Contact the OLF team and ask if the equipment you want can be leased.
  2. Get advice and a calculation from the OLF team.
  3. The contracting process is handled quickly and smoothly.
  4. The device will be delivered to you personally.
  5. The OLF team will support you throughout the rental period.

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