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Re-leasing a leased asset

Subleasing offered by One Leasing Finland is a flexible solution for companies that want to finance the leasing of their own equipment and the possibility to sublease it to their own customers, either private or corporate.

In principle, subleasing is always carried out under a finance lease agreement.

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Features of subleasing

  • Usually a 12-60 month finance lease for a car, machine, or equipment
    (Possibility of shorter or longer contracts up to 84 months.)
  • The customer has the option to sub-lease the financed equipment while retaining full responsibility for the original lease agreement.
  • One Leasing Finland has a dedicated contact person to help you with all your purchasing and leasing needs 
  • The object to be financed serves as collateral
  • The customer is responsible for the maintenance, servicing, and costs of the property
  • The customer is responsible for the difference between the sale price and the residual value


Subleasing is a flexible solution for businesses that need
a lot of machinery and want to rent it forward

for whom?

Leasing of vehicles and other equipment for businesses

Subleasing is particularly suitable for rental companies that do not want to tie up their capital in their own equipment and want to sublease equipment to their own customers.

Subleasing is also used by many importers and distributors. For example, a company selling machinery can finance excavators for itself through a lease agreement and rent machines either for a short-term need, for example, while waiting for a new machine to be ordered, or for a contract lasting several years.

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