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Here you can find more information about the services we and our partners offer.


OLF Insurance

One Leasing Finland’s range of services also includes insurance cover for vehicles. In cooperation with Fennia, the traffic, glass, and fully comprehensive insurance are aimed at entrepreneurs with leased cars.

Insurance from One Leasing Finland and Fennia offers its corporate customers a smooth and easy way to ensure their company’s company cars or production vehicles. Insurance can be purchased for company cars and vans.

“We wanted to make life easier for our customers and build an insurance service that is easy to understand and where help is just a phone call away. In the event of an accident, it is important that help arrives quickly and safely,” says Harri Toivonen, CEO.

Together with the leasing invoice, we provide our customers with our insurance brochure, which shows the comprehensive coverage we offer and our competitive pricing.



Traffic, glass, and fully comprehensive insurance

Traffic and fully comprehensive insurance

The product, consisting of traffic, glass, and fully comprehensive insurance, has been built in cooperation with Fennia, which is familiar with the insurance needs of entrepreneurs. Fennia has designed a comprehensive set of processes to ensure hassle-free service and assistance.



The price of the insurance is determined by the purchase price of the vehicle, plus any additional cover you choose.

Vehicle price categories:

  • 0 – 35 000 €
  • 35 001 – 80 000 €
  • 80 001 – 150 000 €

Optional additional safeguards:

  • Glass security
  • Temporary car

The insurance includes cover against the following risks:

  • Crash
  • Moose damage
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Glass damage
  • Installments and leasing
  • Car service
  • Legal protection
  • Rental car

FALCK road protection

In the event of an accident 24 / 7

One Leasing Finland’s Road Service helps our customers in need around the clock. The roadside assistance service is carried out in cooperation with Falck.

In the event of an accident, or if your journey is interrupted, contact our road service.



Damage repair and glass services

One Leasing Finland, in cooperation with the InCar damage repair-workshop chain, offers all damage repair and glass services.

In the event of a collision, crash, or traffic accident, the InCar damage repair workshop, which is approved by all insurance companies, provides a professional and fast service for both collision repairs and damage-related paperwork.

InCar is also available for glass repairs and replacements.

InCar - Damage repair-workshop

Tell us about your leasing needs and leave your contact details and we’ll be in touch soon.

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