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The most hassle-free car leasing solution for businesses

One Leasing Finland’s service leasing is a worry-free solution for the long-term leasing of cars and vans. This car leasing service includes not only the mileage but also the maintenance and servicing of the car.

You won’t have to worry about the maintenance costs or residual value of your leased car, as all the services you need are included in the fixed monthly rent.

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Service leasing includes

  • Usually a 12-60 month lease for a car or van
  • One Leasing Finland has a dedicated contact person to help you with all your purchasing and leasing needs
  • Pre-agreed mileages
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Washing fluids, windscreen wiper, and other liquids during maintenance
  • Tire renewals according to contract
  • OLF road service

Additional services available

  • Tire hotel and exchange services
  • OLF Insurance
  • Temporary car for scheduled maintenance


Service leasing gives you worry-free mileage,
without the stress of depreciation

For whom?

Car and van leasing for businesses

Service leasing is suitable for companies that do not want to tie up company capital in, for example, company cars and want the easiest, least risky, and most comprehensive solution for car leasing.

Many car-related costs, such as servicing, tires, and roadside assistance in the event of an accident, are included in the price of a service lease, so you know exactly how much it will cost you in advance.

Service leasing is particularly suitable for both cars and vans, and customers who know their annual mileage will benefit most from it.

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