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An easy way to move from equipment ownership to leasing

The Sale and leaseback offered by One Leasing Finland is a leasing solution for companies that want to move from ownership to leasing. In practice, we buy back the company’s existing equipment directly from the company or finance company that financed it and lease it back to the company under a lease agreement.

Sale and leaseback free up the capital invested in your company’s fleet for more productive use.

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Features of sale and leaseback

  • Financing of the leasing object by means of a pre-agreed leasing contract model, fixed rent, and included services
  • One Leasing Finland has a dedicated contact person to help you with all your purchasing and leasing needs


Sale and leaseback is, as the name suggests
a sale and leaseback solution

for whom?

Leasing of vehicles and other equipment for businesses

Sale and leaseback is a flexible solution for companies that have vehicles or other equipment on their balance sheet and want to free up the capital tied up in this equipment for their business.

The sale and leaseback model is suitable for long-term leasing of cars and vans as well as machinery and other equipment.

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