Wirmax Oy

Wirmax Oy is a top specialist in modern building technology, whose services include property maintenance and extensive electrical and plumbing work.

Wirmax has been working with One Leasing Finland for about three years. With the help of the OLF team, it has leased 20 vans to meet the needs of a growing company.

“The cooperation has been great! I appreciate the fact that I can get my business done in one phone call. The OLF team exudes entrepreneurial spirit, which is why they understand and serve other entrepreneurs so professionally,” says Tommi Isopahkala.

This time, 11 new customized vans were purchased for Wirmax. The purchase was, of course, made through leasing.

“We have long favored leasing, as it ties up less working capital and is less of a burden on the balance sheet. Leasing allows us to operate more efficiently and flexibly, with the capital available to run the business itself.”

Wirmax trucks transport workers and equipment to sites in the Helsinki and Jyväskylä regions. Typical customers are construction companies, housing associations, and private individuals.

“We need the right equipment for our mobility, and purchases are made every year. Together with Harri, we have built a fleet to meet our long-term objectives. It’s great to be able to spar together.”

Isopahkala stresses the importance of trust in cooperation.

“It is important for me to trust my partners, both as a company and as individuals. With the OLF team, trust works on both levels. And Harri’s professionalism in raising finance is second to none!”