Eerola-Yhtiöt Oy

Eerola Group, Chairman of the Board Pasi Eerola

Through One Leasing Finland, the Eerola Group has acquired more than a dozen pressure trucks, suction trucks, and clean water tanks, i.e. items that can be financed.

Thank you, Pasi for a great start to our cooperation. Could you tell us why you chose One Leasing Finland as your partner?
Yes, there have been some coincidences in all of this. We met earlier in our working lives, and that’s where the ideas started to sync up. And when Harri founded your own company and made a great customer promise, that trust and especially the feeling of trust was the starting point.

Now that we have been traveling together since January 2019, have we redeemed our trust in Eerola Group?
Yes indeed, we have redeemed our trust, and it’s really good to continue. I particularly appreciate that One Leasing Finland also has the professionalism to say in different situations that in this case, it is not worth doing this – no unnecessary haggling or delaying.

Is there anything you wish One Leasing Finland could do differently?
Let’s find good practices together, and as we go deeper into this, let’s develop reporting further. During the contract period, we need to look at what can be fixed: optimizing financing models for long contracts. No need for anything revolutionary, it has been going well. 

Would you recommend One leasing Finland to other companies?
Yes, I would definitely recommend it
. At One Leasing Finland, I would particularly recommend the fact that there is a “face” to the way things are done – we get personal service. We were hoping for a personal touch rather than just an email service, and that is what we have received.  Let’s move on from here and good luck.