Company Bicycle

Through One Leasing Finland, your company can conveniently lease any make and model of bicycle. We have several dealerships in our cooperation network, through which your company is sure to find the right cycling options for your company.

The Finnish government has made new adjustments to the occupational cycling benefit for the benefit of the user, and the benefit is particularly sought after at the moment. One Leasing Finland provides companies with an easy way to acquire bikes through our extensive network of partners. However, we are not tied to any particular dealership, so you can also point us to a dealership that you would like us to use. By offering company employees the opportunity to use a company bike, the company gains considerable benefits that cannot be measured in monetary terms alone.

With this service, One Leasing Finland offers everyone the opportunity to move responsibly. With the company bike service, companies can offer their employees the opportunity to use a high-quality bike, even if the benefit is a completely tax-free benefit in kind.

The purchase of an occupational bike is the responsibility of the employer who provides the benefit to its employees. For the employee, the benefit is tax-free up to €1,200 per year. This means that an employee can have access to a bike package worth up to €3,600 on a 36-month contract, tax-free. Of course, the bike can be cheaper or more valuable, and if the cost of the bike exceeds that tax-free amount, the difference will be paid to the user, which will then be deducted from the salary at the normal tax rate.

The equipment that can be accepted as part of a commuter bike kit includes the equipment that is attached to the bike, winter tires, and a cycling helmet. In addition, bike maintenance and insurance may be included in the contract.

How to proceed?

We need the following information:

  • Information about your company
  • What are your company’s purchasing policy and your preference for the length of the contract and the price of the bicycle?
  • Details of the person responsible for bicycle procurement in your company
  • What type(s) of bicycle(s) your company would like to purchase
  • From which shop do you wish the bikes to be purchased (if not known, we have good networks and partners)
  • Any other wishes regarding the content of the contract

Any bike, from any shop. We cooperate with all dealers.

  • City bike
  • Electric bike
  • Mountain bike
  • Hybrid bike
  • Road bike

Benefits and advantages for the employer

The undeniable benefits for the employer are definitely related to well-being at work. In turn, well-being at work has a strong impact on the company’s productivity, profitability, performance, customer satisfaction, low employee turnover, sick leave, and accidents. Motivated employees are invaluable to a company in monetary terms. If anything, this is an employer’s investment, which in the long run also carries a financial value for the company.

“Customer satisfaction can never be higher than staff satisfaction”.

– Harri Toivonen, CEO of One Leasing Finland Oy

The benefits of the company bicycle for the employer
Company Bicycle

Benefits and advantages for the employee

The employee has the opportunity to have access to a very valuable bicycle, even completely tax-free. If the monthly rent exceeds the tax-free threshold, i.e. €100 per month, the excess is taxed as normal on the employee’s salary, according to the taxable value.

The employee can use the company bicycle both on and off the job.

At the end of the contract period, the employee can redeem the bicycle he/she has used.

Do you want to support the well-being of your staff by providing access to use the company bicycle?

Leave your contact details and we’ll map out a package to suit your needs.

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